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How do visual images work in an aural space? LIke this. Each episode adds to the gallery of the airwaves and connects listeners to the Sioux City Art Center's permanent collection.


Apr 4, 2019
Sioux City Art Center

"Kaneko is based in Omaha, has been there for many many years and is probably the best known artist in Omaha," says Behrens.  "And if you go to almost any public square or park in Omaha, you'll find his works, so this a piece that we are very proud to have in our collection."

Geometric Structures

Mar 28, 2019
Sioux City Art Center

"The paintings that Howe did, especially in the 1960s, when being a truly contemporary Native American  artist was still a radical thing, you can see how his style his way of approaching his own heritage influenced then the next several generations of artists," says Behrens.

Painterly Qualities

Mar 21, 2019
Sioux City Art Center

"Photography has been around for almost a hundred and eighty years, and even now there are still some people who fight against photography being an artform," says Behrens. "But, the painterly qualities that Michael Eastman is working towards without actually using paint, really clarifies that photograph in the hands of a very capable photographer can be as powerful an artform as anything else."

Cohesive Pop Art

Mar 14, 2019
Sioux City Art Center

"It's a pretty small step sometimes to take something that is basic and make it something more meaningful," says Behrens. "And I think that's what Robert was doing in a painting like this, where he is taking things that are top of the mind and seeing if he can put them all together to make one cohesive thing out of it. And in Three Bean Salad, as weird as that sounds, he's actually done that."

Sioux City Art Center

"…It's just an extraordinary work of how the most simple objects around us, the most basic environmental landscapes you might imagine, holds much more beauty and diversity and life than you might otherwise appreciate," says Behrens

Summer 6 (Prairie Series) is on display in the Sioux City Art Center's Permanent Collection on View exhibition.

Undeniably Fun

Feb 27, 2019
Sioux City Art Center

"Virtually every color you can imagine I think is in this painting. And what it does is it brings added attention to those few desserts that you can recognize, while creating this gigantic sense of a wild party going on within this four foot canvas," says Behrens.

Sioux City Art Center

"You end up with just this visual delight. Everything seems unified and connected and everything seems at the same time really varied and disparate and working with and against each other at the same time, all these different shapes and colors. And yet it works out as a very beautiful painting," says Behrens. 

Sioux City Art Center

"There are so many different layers of paint that she uses, and that layering is very important to her…" says Behrens. "…This misty quality that she creates through all those layers, is part of that coming to grips with however close you might be to something… there's still going to be a distance that you can't quite get around. So, all of those different elements are things that she's often using as inspirations for the paintings."

Partial Glimpse

Feb 7, 2019
Sioux City Art Center

"At any one view, you only get a partial glimpse of something. And so, as you move around the sculpture… you start to learn a little bit more about what's inside," says Behrens. "…It's basically a metaphor for coming up on anything or anyone who is new to you and you have to have different viewpoints, different angles to try to really find, as close as you can get, to a full understanding of what you're encountering."

Sioux City Art Center

"It's a sculpture that reminds us you can be an experienced artist and still find joy in what you're doing… it connects on many different levels with visitors who come in regardless of their art backgrounds," says Behrens.

Bend in the Road is on display in the Sioux City Art Center's Permanent Collection on View exhibition.