Western Iowa Tech Welcomes 80 Students from Brazil and Chile This Fall

Sep 9, 2019

Western Iowa Tech Community College President Terry Murrell

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Voters in Storm Lake and Sergeant Bluff will decide tomorrow on school bond issues.  School officials say growing enrollment means the districts will run out of space. The bond issues require a 60 percent "supermajority" to win approval.  The Sgt. Bluff-Luton School system has failed to gain approval for three previous bond issues.

Western Iowa Tech Community College is reaching out to countries around the world and bringing international students to the area.

WIT president Terry Murrell says the school is the only one in North America where South Korea sends students. 

 We’re kind of the Harvard of South Korea if you will, so if you go to any of the schools in South Korea, the hardest shirt to get is a Western Iowa Tech shirt over Harvard and some of the other schools.

This year, the school accepted 80 students from Brazil and Chile to study culinary arts and robotics. Murrell says those students are on J-1 visas, which allow them to study and work for 18 months. Then, they go back home.

The instances of toxic algae blooms are on the rise at Iowa’s state beaches. 

the number of swimming advisories would be even higher if the state followed the federal government’s recommended standards.

The Iowa D-N-R decided not to adopt the E-P-A’s more stringent standards for microcystins, toxins caused by cyanobacteria. If Iowa had adopted the lower level, the state would’ve had to issue almost two times as many swimming advisories this summer.