UI Settles Title IX Lawsuit; Iowa Dem Leaders Concerned About Possible Redistricting Changes

Oct 7, 2021

Proposed redistricting for the Siouland area, courtesy of the Legislative Services Agency

Iowa Democratic leaders want Republican leaders to promise they won’t draw their own political boundaries. State Senate Republicans rejected the first set of redistricting maps that were drawn by the nonpartisan Legislative Services Agency. The LSA will have a second set of maps done by October 21st.  That would likely give lawmakers enough time to get to a third set of maps—which they can amend- by the December first deadline.

Senate Minority Leader Zach Wahls says Democrats are very concerned the Republican majority will draw districts for political advantage.

 “I don’t know why they’re being so cagey about it. They could end the speculation on this today, if they wanted to. Coulda done it 10 months ago, but today is as good as any.”

This week, Senate Republican Leader Jack Whitver was asked if Republicans would amend a potential third set of maps. He said he wouldn’t make any commitments on any future maps, saying that he hasn’t seen the second plan yet.

Whitver says lawmakers would still have to follow state laws regarding what criteria can be used to draw legislative and congressional districts.

The University of Iowa has reached a settlement in the Title IX lawsuit brought forth against them by the women's swimming team in September of 2020, as first reported by the Cedar Rapids Gazette on Wednesday. 

Iowa's payout amount reaches close to $400,000, and the university needs to maintain a women's swimming and diving team for no less than seven more years. The lawsuit stems from complaints made after the university announced last year it would cut women's swimming at the end of their last athletic season.