Trucker Appreciation During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Sep 16, 2020

Credit Great West Casualty Company

Along Interstate 29 today and yesterday, volunteers flagged down truck drivers at DOT weight stations near Salix, Iowa and Jefferson, South Dakota.  It’s Truck Driver Appreciation Week and men and women behind the wheel hauling freight across the country have experienced a rough six months or more. 

So, Great West Casualty Company and Joe Morten & Son, Inc. teamed up to say "thank you" to the millions of professionals out on the road each day.  They handed out free meals and goodie bags to the drivers.

To provide Siouxland Public Media with social distancing, Great West Casualty Company shared audio of the special event, including insight from Chief Operating Officer Mandy Graham.

* Special thanks to Thomas Richie of Great West Casualty Company.