Tommy Bolin's Music and Life

Jul 29, 2019

Tommy Bolin performing live with Deep Purple in Japan (1975).
Credit Freebird / Wikimedia Commons

Despite his early passing, Tommy Bolin not only remains a Sioux City treasure but also one of the best guitarists in rock and jazz history.  No less than Peter Frampton, Warren Haynes and Joe Bonamassa look to him as a model for their own distinguished careers.

In this special edition of the b-sides with Bolin and Blumberg, Tommy's short but prolific time in the spotlight is presented.  From his time in Zephyr through his last recording, Private Eyes, you can see his impressive evolution. 

Included is his time with The James Gang and Deep Purple as well as his travels from Sioux City to the top of the rock business as told by someone who knew him well, his brother, Johnnie.  Don't miss this special b-sides right here on your source for great rock music Siouxland Pulic Media.