Tensions Grow Over Proposed Tariff Hikes, Grassley Hopes for A Trade Deal, 4:32

May 14, 2019

Iowa US Senator Charles Grassley (R)

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As China and the United States increased tariffs on each other’s goods in the latest round of an ongoing trade war, farmers are seeing a major market for pork and soybean exports dwindle. That’s prompted the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture and the President to propose a 15-billion-dollar bail-out. Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley says he supports the idea. 

0514grassleytrade2 I haven’t seen any specific plans yet, but I think farmers are more interested in the certainty that would come from an agreement with China. (:07)

Grassley remains hopeful China and the United States will soon finalize a trade deal that brings China into compliance with international rules. 

Two of Nebraska's largest farm groups are objecting to a bill that would create new business tax credits to replace the state's current major incentive program.

The Nebraska Farm Bureau and Nebraska Farmers Union say they oppose the bill because lawmakers haven't yet approved a plan to lower property taxes. The Nebraska Farm Bureau argued Tuesday that lawmakers are running out of time in this year's session and need to focus on property taxes.

Business groups have defended the incentives as critical to maintaining a competitive business environment in Nebraska relative to other states.

Nebraska Farmers Union President John Hansen says the state's tax incentives aren't cost-effective and haven't worked as intended.