A Tasty Pig -- A Musical Holiday Feast

Dec 16, 2019

While the snow may be blowing, this episode of the B-Sides with Bolin and Blumberg has the music to warm the cockles of your heart.

We call it A Tasty Pig since it corporates the sounds of Taste and Blodwyn Pig and the guitarists who founded the bands.

First, there is Mick Abrahams who started his career with Jethro Tull before breaking off to form Blodwyn Pig and then continue with a long solo career.

We hear from Tull and Pig before launching into Mick Abrahams' stellar solo work.

Then comes Taste, which established itself as a strong power trio in the 60's and 70's before its guitarist, Rory Gallagher, set out on his own exceptional solo career. Unfortunately, Gallagher passed at an early age from the ravages of alcohol.

For all of you who dig a great axman, put your feet up by the fire and warm yourself with some delicious tunes. Only here, at the best place for rock, Siouxland Public Media.