Tariffs and Their Effects on Ag and Manufacturing

Mar 21, 2019

Panel on tariffs at the Sioux City Public Library, Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Welcome to The Exchange on SPM. I’m MH.  This week, we presented a live edition of The Exchange at the Sioux City Public Library. The topic was the effect of tariffs on agricultural and industrial products.  Those tariffs were issued in retaliation for tariffs President Donald Trump announced a little over a year ago.  Those tariffs focused on China but affected other countries like Canada as well.   

My guests were:

Dave Bernstein, Sioux City,  Co-Owner of State Steel, Sioux City

Dr. Sam Funk,  Head of Analytics and Research at the Iowa Farm Bureau

Mary Zink, Assistant Professor of Bus Admin Morningside College

Darren Tooley,  Vice President of Ag Lending, Security National Bank, Sioux City

Jim Miller, Farmer and former head of the Nebraska Soybean Association

My first question for the panel was whether the tariffs imposed by President Trump to deal with what many says is an imbalance in the trade market was needed and whether tariffs were a good way to deal with that problem.  First, we hear from Darren Tooley, from Security National Bank.