Steve King Discusses Abortion Restrictions and Civilization, Drawing National Media Attention

Aug 14, 2019

Steve King in Urbandale

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4thdistrict Congressman Steve King caused more controversy today at an appearance in the Des Moines area.  The nine-term Congressman was discussing his stance against restrictive abortion laws that carve out exceptions for rape and incest.  He then questioned whether such exceptions could have if honored in past civilizations, caused the end of humanity.  King’s comments were echoed across national and social media. Last year, King lost support from many party leaders after being quoted by the New York Times asking when terms like white nationalist and western civilization became offensive. King says that was a misquote.  

King faces three primary challengers in his reelection bid including State Senator Randy Feenstra of Hull who has raised more campaign money than King.  He would then face Democratic opponent JD Scholten in the general election, who he narrowly defeated in 2018.

Speaking to the Westside Conservative Club in Urbandale today, King said his position in the district is still strong despite winning reelection last year by just 3.4 percentage points.

Which I would point out to the folks that have been critical is that is a greater margin than Governor Reynolds won by in her broader statewide race and a greater margin than Ted Cruz won by in Texas. Nobody’s saying to them that you’re vulnerable and that somehow we ought to find somebody to run against either one of them.

In Iowa’s 4th district Republicans hold a greater registration advantage than they do statewide.

The South Dakota Elections Board is giving its support to a bill that would allow voters to register online.

The Argus Leader reports that the board on Tuesday agreed unanimously to back the proposal from the secretary of state's office in next year's legislative session.

The secretary of state's office also plans to seek a change to state law to remove voters' birth year from the publicly accessible voter registration files, due to identity theft concerns.