Sioux City Police Chief Updates COVID-19 Mask Mandate Enforcement

Dec 7, 2020

Credit Sioux City Police Department

Stricter mask requirements went into effect in Iowa almost a month ago.  But, are people in Sioux City following the rules?  Siouxland Public Media’s talked to the top law enforcer for city for an update the impact of the disease on the police force.

Sioux City’s Police Chief says so far no citations have been handed out  since the Governor issued a partial mask mandate for public spaces.

“More often than not we are finding when someone calls and lists a concern people are voluntarily complying.  No one is trying to make a statement out there.”

Chief Rex Mueller says bars and restaurants that aren’t following guidelines are being referred to state agencies for enforcement.

But, for the most part everyone has been following the rules by self-policing.

“I think our end goal and everyone’s end goal is our citizens and our businesses do the right thing and they have been doing that. I mean if you go out in this town, there are signs and they are facilitating compliance with this.”

Chief Mueller and a few other members of the police force and staff caught COVID-19 early on in the pandemic and he says that gave his department a deeper perspective on the illness.

“It allowed us to craft things and better respond  to the needs of the community because we have experienced the disease.  There is one common thread is that is impacted everyone slightly differently.”

Mueller says so far essential services to the community haven’t been impacted.  Also, a grant through the Kind World Foundation provided officers with masks to hand out to members of the public who might need them.