Sharon Isbin: The Endless Joy of Music

Nov 11, 2016

Sharon Isbin will perform a concert entitled Espana! this Saturday with the Sioux City Symphony Orchestra
Credit Stuart O’Shields

Listening to the recordings of Sharon Isbin you learn that what music can contain is everything: joy, sorrow, history, novelty, all that makes us human and connects us to the earth and each other. Whether playing with the New York Philharmonic, Joan Baez, or Steve Vai, her pleasure in collaboration blossoms into musical ideas that ring true and beautiful. In this time of divisiveness and distrust, the importance of finding such truth is urgent. Fortunately, we in Siouxland can do just that. Ms. Isbin will be joining the Sioux City Symphony Orchestra on Saturday Night at 7:30 in the Orpheum Theatre. We hope to see you there.