Shanren Visits Orange City

Jan 15, 2015

Shanren in Orange City
Credit Janine Calsbeek

Yunnan province in southwestern China spreads between the tropical jungles of Burma and Vietnam on the South and the Himalayan heights of Tibet on the north; it's a massive land with dynamic features and history. Shanren, comprised of musicians from this region, joins together the features and traditions that have been shaped by these dynamics as well as the by the band members' studies and travels throughout the world.  

The dragon-head of the xianzi, a traditional instrument of the Yi people. The xianzi is used in the left-foot dance.
Credit Janine Calsbeek

As artists in residence in Orange City, Shanren have been performing concerts and hosting workshops as well as introducing instruments that may have never before been to the US. When FM90's Mark Munger sat down with the band, they showed him the dragon-headed xianzi from the Yi people and a sun drum from the Jinuo people.

Shanren perform tomorrow, January 16, at the Unity Christian Knight Center. The concert begins at 7:30 p.m.