Scholten Runs Second Time for 4th District Seat

Aug 5, 2019

4th District Congressional candidate JD Scholten (D)

The 2020 race for the  4th district is on as 2018 Democratic Candidate JD Scholten of Sioux City officially announced today that he will run against the Republican candidate.  Most people expect that to be incumbent Steve King, however, King is being challenged this year by three candidates.  

Scholten narrowly lost to King in 2018 by a little more than 10 thousand votes and he says he feels that he can beat King now.  Scholten is running on the issues of medicare for all, an economy that can support all Iowans and getting money out of politics.  Financially, in 2018, Scholten vastly outspent Steve King.  Some of that money came from outside the district.  Scholten is holding a rally today in Sioux City and also a rally in Ames Tuesday.

Two years after Nebraska state regulators shuttered four beer stores for selling excessive amounts of alcohol near South Dakota's Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, public health officials are still trying to clean up the damage left by decades of alcohol abuse among tribe members.

The stores in Whiteclay, Nebraska, faced intense criticism for selling millions of cans of beer annually, primarily to members of the Oglala Sioux Tribe. Native American activists and others who wanted the stores closed blamed them for widespread alcoholism and cases of fetal alcohol syndrome on the officially dry reservation.

The problem has drawn the attention of state lawmakers and officials with the University of Nebraska Medical Center, but both acknowledge there's no easy fix.