Reynolds Won't Comment on Impeachment, Yet

Oct 2, 2019

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds (R)

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Republican Governor Kim Reynolds says she won’t yet weigh in on the impeachment inquiry into President Trump.

Reynolds says she’s waiting for the U.S. House of Representatives to specify the charges against the president.

Really until they take a vote and I know what they’re accusing him of, I don’t think there’s anything there. So there are procedures they have to follow and I’m not sure that’s been followed yet so right now I’m not going to weigh in because what are the charges they’re accusing him of?

House Democrats announced a formal impeachment inquiry last week following a whistleblower complaint alleging Trump asked the Ukrainian president to look into Joe Biden’s son.

Reynolds says Congress should continue working to finalize a trade agreement with Mexico and Canada.

Presidential Candidate Tom Steyer stopped in Sioux City for the first time since entering the race for the Democratic Nomination for President. Steyer is a major critic of President Donald Trump.  He paid for television advertisements calling for impeachment starting in 2017.

Presidential Candidate Tom Steyer at Sioux City's Hardline Coffee, Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2019

The billionaire businessman and political activist is a latecomer to the presidential race. 

He decided to run after watching the first Democratic Debate in July.

Steyer will take part in the next Democratic debate this month in Ohio.

Steyer says the voice of the American people needs to be heard. So, he supports a national referendum, including one on gun control.