Protest in Downtown SC in Honor of George Floyd

May 29, 2020

Protests against the death of a Minneapolis man in the hands of police on Monday continue across the country.  Police officials say they were told about the protest this morning.  In this video captured by Siouxland Scanner and posted on FB, about fifty protestors marched carrying signs saying “I can’t Breathe” in honor of George Floyd, and chanting the same phrase.  

The marchers made their way to the police station and continued to ask for justice.  The policeman who was holding Floyd down by kneeling on his neck has been arrested on third degree murder charges. 

Sioux City Police Chief Rex Mueller and Woodbury County Sheriff Dave Drew say they are saddened by the tragic events that occurred in Minneapolis.

They have released a joint statement saying they extend their deepest condolences to the family of George Floyd, as well as the Minneapolis area residents who are struggling to deal with the aftermath of this incident.

Mueller and Drew say this event has sparked outrage and fear in our nation and that we as a Siouxland Community must seize this opportunity for constructive dialogue that will foster healing and assurance.

Iowa today has 18, 502 COVID-19 cases, 500 deaths. Woodbury County has 10, 896 cases and 44 deaths.  And Beuna Vista County has 3, 986 cases, and no deaths so far. 

In Buena Vista County, nearly a quarter of its workers at a Storm Lake pork processing facility tested positive for the novel coronavirus yesterday. Tyson says it has temporarily halted operations. 

Siouxland district health reports that There are 15 newly confirmed cases in Woodbury County.  
There was one additional Woodbury County death. He was an older adult male. 

The department said today that Woodbury County is seeing a decreased demand for COVID-19 tests.