Noon News 5.14.19

May 14, 2019

On this date, May 14, 1969 the 174th Tactical Fighter Squadron a unit of the 185th Tactical Fighter Group returned from a one-year mission in Vietnam.

“They were working hard. And, these were incredibly complicated close air support in harm’s way.  Putting bombs on target close in.”

That’s the new Wing Commander of the 185thRefueling Wing Colonel Mark Muckey.

“We are very proud of the service they did 50 years.  That’s who they were 50 years ago and who we are today.  The same great airmen executing their mission around the globe.

In all 373 airmen were deployed, Colonel Muckey says the war killed three, including one pilot.

Sioux City City council members approved a contract for almost $15 million for the Siouxland Expo Center project.

The facility that could everything from trade shows to sporting events will be built near I-29 and the Floyd River channel.

Iowa farmers are racing the calendar trying to get corn and soybean seeds planted but so far the calendar is winning.

U-S-D-A’s weekly update says fewer than two days were suitable for fieldwork during the past week and less than half of Iowa’s expected corn acreage is planted.  

Cool temperatures are also hindering the crop only five-percent of the corn that is planted is emerging above ground.

Meanwhile, in Nebraska farmers had planted 46% of the corn crop and 20% of soybeans.  That's also behind scedule.