Music for Pollock: GhostCat

Jan 22, 2015

GhostCat views Pollock's "Mural"
Credit Mark Munger


In our ongoing series Music for Pollock, we invite local bands and musicians to view Jackson Pollock's Mural and find a way to express their impressions using music. We begin the process at the Sioux City Art Center, where Mural is currently on view. 

GhostCat at the Sioux City Art Center
Credit Mark Munger

GhostCat seemed particularly suited for this project: they play catchy, fast music, with influences running to punk, jazz, and blues. When we first viewed mural, the conversations followed these paths, references to bebop and all; however, it was their excitement about learning more and finding new ways of expressing ideas that most impressed us.

Credit Mark Munger

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Join FM90 and the Sioux City Art Center as we celebrate the music of this series and Mural with "Rocking Pollock," happening Saturday, January 31, at the Art Center. There will be live performances of by Drum Fest, Elsa Va, and the Titans of Industry. It is free and open to the public, but you should RSVP with the Art Center. Doors open at 4:30 p.m.