Missouri River Breaching Some Levees, SC Int. Film Festival Features Women in Film

Sep 19, 2019

Officials in western Iowa are watching the rising Missouri River. Water breached a levee in Pottawattamie County last night (Wednesday evening). This is the third protective structure in the area to breach due to the Missouri River’s third round of flooding this year.

Officials estimate about 40 homes are in the affected area. The county has sent out emergency alerts to people. Scott Manz (MAN-z) is an emergency management specialist with the county. 

I know a lot of people have already left their homes. A lot of them are just going to monitor it and they’ll leave if they need to.

Water has also breached a berm and a drainage ditch in the northwest part of the county.

The Iowa Department of Transportation is continuing to monitor I-29 to see if it needs to close a portion due to flooding.

The Sioux City International Film Festival kicks off in two weeks.

This year the theme is “Woman in Film”.

There will be workshops and chances to meet filmmakers and see their creations at the Promenade Theatre.

MULLIN 1 TRT:  08  

It’s really fascinating thing for anyone who has any interest.  Especially, students of English, drama and the arts.  They are going to love that. 

Rick Mullin is the president of the film festival board and one of the founders of the event that started 15-years ago.

The only films we got back in the day were the big mass-market films.  We never got the interesting stuff that showed up in Minneapolis or Chicago so we said let’s start something on our own.  And, boy has it ever grown.

Filmmakers from all over the world submitted their movies. About 30%, or 53 were chosen to be shown during the festival.

The Sioux City International Film Festival runs from October 3rd through the 6th with free workshops at the Convention Center and screenings at the Promenade Theatre.