Local Leaders Voice Concerns Surrounding Masks, the Home Show, and a Mild Flu Season

Mar 9, 2021

Sioux City Expo Center
Credit J.J. Stone for Siouxland Public Media

Sioux City leaders once again commented on the importance of wearing masks at this week’s city council meeting. Council Member Alex Watters expressed concern after attending the Greater Siouxland Home Show 

Sioux City Council Member Alex Watters
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Sign on the front door of the Expo Center
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over the weekend at the new Expo Center.

The city manager says staff members from Spectra were handing out face masks and encouraging people to use them. Watters says he quickly left the Home Show.

Mayor Bob Scott and Council Member Julie Schoenherr weighed in. Here is part of their exchange in addtion to more reaction from Watters.

Mayor Bob Scott mentioned a light influenza season. Siouxland Public Media recently talked to the Director of Siouxland District Health and Kevin Grieme talked about the flu.

Siouxland District Health's Kevin Grieme
Credit Siouxland District Health

The Weekly U.S. Flu Map shows minimal flu activity all across the United States

Credit CDC