Keeping Fitness Resolutions

Jan 4, 2019

Trainer and professional bodybuilder Rod Ketchens from RKSolid in Sioux City, Iowa

As we gain a new year, some of us want to, or need to lose a few pounds.

But, getting there can take some heavy lifting.

Professional bodybuilder and trainer Rod Ketchens says when starting out, set realistic goals.

“Whether it be just to get into the gym for 20 minutes a day, 15 minutes a day, do cardio for ten minutes.”

Ketchens says it takes time to develop a good workout routine.

“If you develop those habits in 12 week’s time, you’re more apt to stick with things and see progress at that point.”

Ketchens say set weekly or even daily goals.

“You come to the gym and expect to see that 50 pounds to come off right away.  It takes a little time.  It took a while to put it on so it takes time to take the weight off.”

Even those in tip, top shape like Ketchens, find ways to keep focused on fitness.  

He’s getting ready for a competition in Toronto, Canada this year.

“I’m a competitive, professional body builder so I have to compete against the best athletes in the world and I have to stand on stage in my underwear, so that’s my goal.”

While, Ketchens hopes to qualify for Mr. Olympia, his advice might help others reach their target, on a much smaller scale.

Biography of Rod Ketchens from his training website

Rod has been in the fitness industry since 1986 and has won numerous body building competitions including Mr. Iowa three times. Mr. America, Mr. USA and capped off amatuer career winning the National Championships in 1995 qualifying to become an I.F.B.B. Professional Body Builder. Rod has been featured in numerous fitness magazines including Muscle Mag, Flex, Muscle and Fitness, Iron Man, and Muscle Media 2000.

Rod was a competitive track and field athlete as well as football player at Morningside College. He is goal oriented and has a passion for helping people reach their goals. Whether it be weight loss, increasing vertical jumps and speed, strength, or helping kids learn a healthy lifestyle.

Rod has numerous certifications through the I.F.P.A. Advanced personal trainer. Sports nutrition and also proctors the exams in this area for the International Fitness Professional Association, as well as travels around the country helping them to display different equipment at expos for both national and international sales.