Grassley Wants A China Trade Deal, Neb Farm Groups Oppose Tax Bill, 5:04

May 14, 2019

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Iowa’s senior senator says he’s disappointed with the escalating trade tensions between the U.S. and China. Republican Chuck Grassley stands by the president’s efforts pressuring China to align its trade practices with global expectations on intellectual property and other issues. But he says increasing tariffs on soybeans and other agricultural products hits farmers hard.

0514grassleytrade1 Farmers are hurting the last few years and the main reason is oversupply and overproduction but trade is also adding to this problem, the tariffs in trade that is. (:15)

The senator says he supports a proposed second-round of relief payments for farmers, but would rather see a quick and successful end to the trade negotiations with China.

The Nebraska Farm Bureau and Nebraska Farmers Union are objecting to a bill that would create new business tax credits to replace the state's current major incentive program.

The groups say they oppose the bill because lawmakers haven't yet approved a plan to lower property taxes. The Nebraska Farm Bureau argued Tuesday that lawmakers are running out of time in this year's session and need to focus on property taxes.

Business groups have defended the incentives as critical to maintaining a competitive business environment in Nebraska relative to other states.

A bill that would offer Nebraska state tax credits to donors who provide money for private school scholarships has hit a major wave of resistance in the Legislature.

Senators have rejected similar measures in the past, even though most states already subsidize private or charter schools.