Food for Thought: Obst Boden

Jul 10, 2015

Iris Hammer and the obstboden at the Pastry Parlor
Credit Mark Munger

 Once a popular fruit to grow in Iowa, sour cherries are now a bit rare in our orchards. They are labor intensive, delicate, and loved by birds. But they are also so beautiful and delicious, so sour yet fruity, they are worth all the effort. I have two very young trees in my yard, and I spent hours (hours!) picking and pitting what turned out to be 6 pints. I recently brought one pint to Iris Hammer, the baker and pastry chef at the Pastry Parlor in Sioux City, and asked if she could make something special with them. The result is today’s Food for Thought.

Iris Hammer's traditional obst boden
Credit Iris Hammer


The Pastry Parlor is located at 16 16th St. in Sioux City. You can also find their pastries at the Sioux City Farmers' Market on Saturday mornings, and they will be at the Woodbury County Fair this August.