Eat Clean. Train Dirty.

Feb 26, 2015

Teresa Mohwinkle's philosophy is,"Eat clean. Train dirty."
Credit Mark Munger
Teresa Mohwinkle leading a spin class in the Dunker Center
Credit Mark Munger

  Western Iowa Tech Community College was recently declared a Blue Zones area.  Students, faculty and employees are flocking to the college’s Dunker Student Center to sign up for opportunities in a facility that offers state-of-the-art equipment with computers and televisions, a full-sized gymnasium, indoor track, weight room, and classes such as yoga, super circuits, spinning, Zumba and Taekwondo.  One of the flockers is FM90’s Gretchen Gondek, who has been diligently rising early each morning to arrive for classes at 6:00. One thing keeping her on track is Teresa Mohwinkle, professional trainer and instructor at the wellness center. Anybody who has had the pleasure of taking a class with Teresa knows that she is a disciplined athlete who practices her daily mantra of, "Eat Clean. Train Dirty."