Cultural Continuum: 1.23.15

Jan 23, 2015

Today, Art Silva joins Steve Smith for Cultural Continuum. He's here to help spread the word about "Face Off for Charity," a fundraising event for Boys and Girls Home and Family Services. 

An autographed Ravens' football signed by "The Wolf Pack" will be up for auction at "Face Off for Charity."

Folks can bid on items at the Musketeers' games January 30th and 31st in order to support children and adults who are suffering from abuse and severe neglect. Food will be served on the ice by Sioux City Musketeers. It's a great event with a greater purpose.  

Happening this weekend:


Mike Langley will be joined by his father Jack and Walter Peterson for "Songs that Take You Places."
Credit Mary Kay Weir, Mike McCormick




Saturday, January 31

Credit Sarah Schickel