COVID-19 Case Increase in Iowa and Siouxland

Mar 27, 2020

Courtesy the Iowa Department of Public Health

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The state of Iowa reports two more people have died from complications of COVID-19.  This brings the total number of deaths to three.

On Friday, the Iowa Department of Public Health added 56 more positive cases for a total of 235.  There have been a total of more than 3,700 negative tests.

The number of Siouxlanders impacted increased as well.  There are new confirmed cases in Woodbury, Monona and now Dickinson County for a total of eight people.  All the new cases involve people 61-years or older.

Drive-through testing for COVID-19 started Friday in Woodbury County.

But, testing isn’t available for everyone.  It’s being held in an undisclosed location for patients with recommendations from their doctors.

With today’s new numbers, Woodbury County has three confirmed cases.

There is good news when it comes to Influenza in Nebraska.  The CDC reports activity has changed from widespread to regional.  That’s the same for South Dakota.  Iowa is still seeing widespread infection.

Unemployment numbers for February were released today, last month Iowa saw a rate of 2.8%, Nebraska’s rate was 2.9%.  

South Dakota State lawmakers will meet next week to vote on a number of bills to help the state respond to the novel coronavirus pandemic, but Gov. Kristi Noem said Friday more work will be needed. 

The governor said today she's looking to call a special session in June to make "significant changes" to the state budget.

Noem plans to sign existing bills in the meantime, but she's not going to spend those funds allocated for the next fiscal year until the state has a clearer picture of how the pandemic will affect state revenues.