Check It Out: Reincarnation Blues

Oct 3, 2017

Today, I’m recommending Reincarnation Blues by Michael Poore, a wildly imaginative work of fantasy fiction that is as darkly enchanting as the works of Neil Gaiman and as wisely hilarious as Kurt Vonnegut’s.

First we live. Then we die. And then…we get another try? Ten thousand tries to be exact. Ten thousand lifetimes to “get it right.” Answer all of life’s big questions. Achieve wisdom. And become one with everything.

So far Milo has had 9,995 chances and has just five more lives to achieve perfection and earn a place in the cosmic soul. If he doesn’t make the cut, oblivion awaits. But all Milo really wants to do is be with his one true love: Death herself, or Suzie as he likes to call her.

More than just Milo’s girlfriend throughout his countless pit stops in the Afterlife, Suzie is literally his reason for living—as he dives into one new existence after another, praying for the day he’ll never have to leave her side again.    

A witty and fascinating look at reincarnation, this novel is more than just a great love story: Every journey from cradle to grave offers Milo more pieces of the great cosmic puzzle—if only he can piece them together in time to finally understand what it means to be part of something bigger than himself, making this story a story of everything that makes life profound, beautiful, absurd, and heartbreaking.

With its lovably awkward characters, amusing tone, hilarious flashbacks to Milo’s weird and wonderful lives, and engaging writing style, Reincarnation Blues is a true treat to read.

Check out Reincarnation Blues and other great works of fantasy fiction like it at the Sioux City Public Library.


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