Celebrate Summer: Loess Conservation, Prairie Health, Music and More. LIVE from the Nature Center

Jun 21, 2019

Celebrating Summer at the Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center

Summer is finally here and Siouxland Public Media took “The Exchange” live to the Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center on June 21, 2019.

Guest host Sheila Brummer was joined by experts on the environment, conservation and wildlife. 

Education program director at the Nature Center, Dawn Snyder, shared details on the offerings at the facility this summer.  She also talked about the year-round programs available to the public.   

Dorothy Pecaut Education Program Director Dawn Snyder
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The Nature Center is situated right in the midst of the Loess Hills.  In western Iowa, the Loess Hills cover about 640,000 acres of land and stretches about 200-miles long from north of Sioux City to Missouri. 

Loess Hills expert Bill Zales from the Westfield area shared insight on the unique landscape of the Loess Hills.  He is a retired botany professor from Joliet, Illinois who moved into the Loess Hills 20-years ago.

Loess Hills expert Bill Zales
Credit Siouxland Public Media

Briar Cliff University Associate Professor David Hoferer talked about protecting the environment and habitat rehabilitation for wildlife.  He’s also instrumental in Sierra Club and Audubon Society.  

BCU Biology Assoc. Professor David Hoferer
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Naturalist Theresa Kruid
Credit Sioux City Journal

Natural Theresa Kruid from Woodbury County Conservation showed us the Raptor House and gave us a sample of “Nature Tales” for toddlers.  For more on programing at the Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center woodburyparks.org

Special thanks to Rick Borg and Walter Peterson for playing some amazing music during our special broadcast.  Their music group is called “Central Time.”  Speaking of time summer officially started at 10:54 a.m. on July 21, 2019.  

"Central Time" - Walter Peterson and Rick Borg
Credit Siouxland Public Media
Station Manager Mark Munger on the audio board
Guest Host Sheila Brummer
Credit Dawn Snyder