British Boogie and Blues

Jan 13, 2020

Publicity photo of the band Foghat.
Credit Premier Talent Agency (management) [Public domain] / Wikimedia Commons

While the U.S. is known as the birth mother of rock and roll, many British bands made sure they were considered direct relations.

On this episode of the B-Sides with Bolin and Blumberg, we take a dive into the Brits' version of boogie and blues.

Our first band has been around since the late sixties and has sold nearly 120-million records. Despite this, Status Quo never made much of a dent in the American music consciousness. They started doing boogie back in '71 and haven't stopped since. The show starts off The Doors' “Roadhouse Blues” and then a cover of John Fogerty' “Rockin' All Over the World.”

Next comes Foghat, a band which morphed from blues giant, Savoy Brown. The two cuts come from its Decades Live album.

We start getting more into the blues with the rest of the bands including The Climax Blues Band and Fleetwood Mac, way before Buckingham and Nicks.

Two cuts next from The Blues Band, which features Paul Jones, who was the lead singer for Manfred Mann. The Blues Band was very prolific, having made more than a dozen discs, not including its 4cd box set. If you have a chance, search for it. You won't be disappointed.

We finish up with Canvey Islands' “Dr. Feelgood” who take boogie and blues and put them in a blender to produce the sweetest rock music ever. The Feelgood has been very prolific, issuing at least 25 records, not including two box sets of their greatest.

So, get your toe-tapping shoes on, find a comfortable place to move, and get ready for boogie and blues the B-Sides' way. We're here every Saturday evening at six o'clock only on the best place for rock, Siouxland Public Media.