Alabama Story: An Illustration of Race Relations, Power, and Courage

Sep 15, 2017

Credit Lamb Theatre

Inspiration can strike from anywhere. Reading the obits one day, Kenneth Jones came across the story of Emily Wheelock Reed, a librarian who lived and worked in Alabama during the 1950's and 60's. Trouble began for her when she added illustrator Garth Williams' book The Rabbits' Wedding to her stacks, a book that portrays the marriage of a black rabbit and a white rabbit. The White Citizen's Council and Senator Edward Oswell Eddins demanded the book be removed, and so began the Alabama Story. Tonight (9-15) the play makes its regional debut with a production by Lamb Arts Regional TheatreWe Are Not A Monolith's Ike Rayford and Shelby Pierce were joined via Skype by Jones.