Action on Ethanol Issues Delayed Because of Hurrican Dorian

Sep 4, 2019

Governor Kim Reynolds says due to the natural disaster caused by hurricane Dorian, the Trump Administration’s announcement about ethanol has been delayed.Gov. Reynolds says they are still working on a deal.

Last week President Trump promised on Twitter that his administration is coming up with a “great package” to boost ethanol. The pledge came after the uproar over 31 waivers to oil refineries, reducing the amount of ethanol that must be blended into gasoline. Iowa’s governor spoke with Vice President Mike Pence last Friday and Pence promised to raise the topic with Trump, according to Reynolds.

Blood supplies in Iowa are at a critical low and donors are being urged to schedule immediate appointments or just walk into the nearest blood center to donate. Hurricane Dorian is beginning its trek up the East Coast and blood stockpiles in Iowa were already low before the hurricane. LifeServe is the sole provider of blood to more than 120 hospitals in Iowa, South Dakota and Nebraska. It’s also part of a network of health care providers who share resources — and blood — following acts of terrorism or natural disasters, like the hurricane.

Nebraskans appear to support increased limits on government spending, and possibly doing away with sales tax exemptions, to lower property taxes, according to polling done by the Platte Institute, an Omaha-based think tank.

The organization polled nearly 3,000 people in January, posing several questions about property taxes, which many farmers and homeowners say are too high and must be reduced.