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What's The Frequency: Adventure can be found in increasingly many places in Siouxland, although one woman went to Himalayas for hers

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Getting outdoors for recreation and adventure has a lot of appeal for people.
Getting outdoors for recreation and adventure has a lot of appeal for people.

The weather is warming as we get farther into spring and closer to the summer season. With warmer weather, people tend to head outdoors more frequently and can be more active in what they do with free time.

For many, that may mean they are looking for outdoorsy recreation pursuits, such as visiting parks and waterways. Some people are bound to challenge themselves physically, and are seeking out where to do that. There are a host of state, county, and city parks for that.

Luckily, lots of even more outdoor options are being added throughout Sioux City, the tri-state region and further afield in the Midwest. In this Adventure Episode of What’s The Frequency, we will dig into the options out there, whether brand new or longstanding, in case some people may not be aware of what’s available where.

That discussion involves two guests, John Byrnes, who is the city of Sioux City Parks & Recreation Superintendent, and Julie Hoss, a Siouxlander who bicycles, hikes, kayaks, an and cross country skis, and recounts some great places to go regionally.

We also discuss two very new Sioux City options, including a new challenging mountain bike piece at Cone Park, which will have some opening events on June 14.

Additionally on June 20 there will be events to dedicate a huge makeover of the Missouri Riverfront area of Sioux City, which opened in late 2023, with amenities that include fitness stations, park shelters, restroom facilities, two basketball courts, a dog park for both small and large dogs, play equipment for ages 2-12, park spaces for small and large family/community gatherings, event spaces, native plantings, active recreation areas, and enhancements to the recreational trail system.

We also tell an overlooked recreation accomplishment by a woman originally from tiny Castana, Iowa.
Christy Tews had a key role in a groundbreaking all-female excursion in the American Women’s Himalayas Expedition to climb the summit of Annapurna.

The 1978 climb marked the first time any Americans, whether male or female, had summitted that peak, which is the 10th-highest in the world.

Tews joined that team at the time in the 1970s when women went about shattering barriers that had been in place to them, by more fully participating in many aspects of society. Tews , who was then 38, was living in California at the time, and said she wanted to be among powerful women seeking such a big accomplishment.

Thirteen women took part, two made it to the top, at 26,545 feet elevation, and two died in the attempt. Tews told Outside magazine that while she didn’t climb Annapurnato to the top, there was a huge feeling that it was a cooperative venture, that “we” pulled it off.

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*What's The Frequency, Episode 17