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What's The Frequency: There's a Taylor's Version of law seminars, as pop icon Taylor Swift is focus of University of South Dakota Law School student studies

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USD Taylor Swift Class
(Bret Hayworth)
The Taylor Swift & The Law class seminar is being taught in the spring 2024 semester at the University of South Dakota, in Vermillion.
Pictured from left is law student Alison Somody, Professor Sean Kammer, and law students Beth Peterson and Kali Driscoll.

As Taylor Swift releases her next album on April 19, a lot of people are raptly awaiting The Tortured Poets Department.
In this week's episode of  What’s The Frequency, we've got an interesting Siouxland connection to the pop icon.

Taylor Swift is ubiquitous in American culture, and while that's been true for some time, it seems to have ramped up even more last year and into 2024.
Swift and her influence can be seen in a host of ways in music, movies, and fashion, and more recently in the most popular pro sport of football and the ongoing 2024 election season.

All that heft led University of South Dakota Professor Sean Kammer to know that law school students could glean key crucial skills in a new course being taught for the first time this spring. He saw that Taylor Swift’s celebrity persona, and her interactions with the legal system, could provide students with insights into legal philosophy, legal culture and legal rhetoric.

Now, with Swift’s next album dropping, it was time to check in to see how the USD course, a 2 credit hour seminar titled Taylor Swift & The Law, has gone with the semester nearing an end.

In this episode, Professor Kammer and USD law students law students Alison Somody, Beth Peterson and Kali Driscoll share how the class will serve them well as future lawyers.

They also share the reasons they are fans of Swift, and why they're so glad to have been among the 10 law students in the seminar.

Click on the audio link above to hear the entire show.

Click on the audio link above to hear the entire show.
*What's The Frequency, Episode 14