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What's the Frequency? 01.17.24: Woodbury County Democratic and Republican Party leaders discuss former President Donald Trump's victory in the Iowa Republican Caucuses

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The 2024 Iowa Republican Caucuses
The 2024 Iowa Republican Caucuses

Today on What's the Frequency? we talk about the success of former president Donald Trump at the Iowa Caucuses this week. He garnered 51 percent of the support from Republican caucus-goers.

Former South Carolina Governor and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley finished third, with just over 19-percent, close behind Florida Governor Ron De DeSantis, who received a little over 21-percent.
More than 110 thousand Iowans came out for the Republican presidential caucuses on Monday.

Democrats were not allowed to officially choose a presidential candidate Monday night. Last year, the national Democratic party ended Iowa's first-in-the-nation status in the presidential nominating contest.

We talked with Suzan Stewart, a former GOP county leader and co-chair of the central committee for Woodbury County Republicans and former Woodbury County Democratic party leader and caucus precinct organizer Greg Guelcher. Guelcher is a professor of history at Morningside University.

Both give their analysis of former President Trump's victory, the road ahead for Republicans and how Democrats are going forward in a changed political environment.