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The Exchange 12.02.22: "The Good Country" by Jon Lauck; Putting the brakes on the rail workers' strike; The future of the Iowa Caucuses

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The Good Country: A History of the American Midwest from 1800-1900

This week on The Exchange, the Democratic National Committee meets to discuss the future of the Iowa Presidential Caucuses, and we talk with an Iowa member of the committee who is taking part in the negotiations in Washington DÇ.

Congress is working to prevent a rail strike in the United States, we talk with Iowa State University economist Peter Orazem about the possible effect of a strike on Iowa’s energy grid.

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As the Nebraska Innovation Campus celebrates its tenth anniversary, we talk with Executive Director Dan Duncan about the economic and research gains achieved by the center in Lincoln.

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Nebraska Innovation Campus

We also have an interview historian Jon Lauck about his new book, The Good Country: A History of the American Midwest 1800-1900. The University of South Dakota author traces the democratic (small d) beginnings of the region, and what that legacy still means for us today.

And Jim Schaap looks back at the origins of Augustana University in Sioux Fall in another Small wonder.

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