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The Exchange 09.21.22: McCook Lake residents concerned about canal, housing project; Theater, film, arts gear up for fall; WIT to offer team sports

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McCook Lake Assocation
McCook Lake

This week on The Exchange we talk with a union representative about the future of rail workers policies, in the aftermath of an averted strike last week.
Also, Western Iowa Tech is going to add team sports to student activities, we talk with WIT President Terry Murrell about the change.

But first, the City of North Sioux City has put a halt on a proposed canal near McCook Lake due in part to missed meetings by the man who wants to build it.
North Sioux City is citing an ordinance governing "erosion and sediment control" as it delays authority to issue issuing a permit for the canal project to developer Mike Chicoine. The city requires that Chicoine agree with the City's engineers on a set of construction standards.
Chicoine wants to build a 1,500-foot-long, 90-foot-wide canal on the southeast end of McCook Lake. He also wants permission to sell lots for a proposed housing development near the lake. City officials say the canal could put additional strain on what's considered to be a drought-stressed body of water.

I talked with North Sioux City Council member Gary Bogenrief, who says McCook lake is really an oxbow bend of the Missouri River channel and it needs to be continuously fed to survive.

The regional union representative for employees of BNFS Railway says he doesn’t think workers he represents will approve the tentative contract. He shared his perspective on the issue with Siouxland Public Media’s Sheila Brummer.

Screen Shot 2022-09-21 at 3.39.08 PM.png

Non-profit Vangarde Arts was in the running for a national grant to bring a music festival to Cook Park. Public voting ended on September 21st for the proposal that would include a series of 10 concerts and improvements to Cook Park.

This weekend Vangarde Arts is hosting the Alley Arts Festival in downtown Sioux City. Brent Stockton shared details with Siouxland Public Media’s Sheila Brummer.

Screen Shot 2022-09-21 at 3.46.22 PM.png
Vanguard Arts
Ally Art Fest

The Siouxland Community Foundation is getting ready to hold The Big Give on Tuesday, October 4th. The Executive Director of the Siouxland Community Foundation provides details on the day of giving and more on what the foundation does to help others in Siouxland, including students, through a series of scholarships. Katie Roberts talks with Siouxland Public Media’s Sheila Brummer.

Lamb Arts Regional Theater has kicked off its 43 season with the play Hollywood, Nebraska.
I spoke with Lamb Theatre Administrator Brock Bourek, who says for the first time since the pandemic in 2020, Lamb has a full roster of programs for young and old theatergoers.

Screen Shot 2022-09-21 at 3.50.06 PM.png
Lamb Arts Regional Theater
Lamb Arts Regional Theater

And right around the corner, The Sioux City International Film Festival will begin next Thursday and run through Sunday. This year the focus is on music in film and music scoring. I talked with the festival’s Greg Giles and Leslie Werden about the line-up and the history of the fest in Siouxland.

Screen Shot 2022-09-21 at 3.54.06 PM.png
2022 Sioux City International Film Festival
2022 Sioux City International Film Festival

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