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The Exchange 03.18.22: COVID-19 Two Years In; The First Kennedys, by Neal Kennedy

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Kevin Grieme, Director, Siouxland District Health
Siouxland District Health
Siouxland District Health
Kevin, Grieme, Director, Siouxland District Health

This week on The Exchange, we look back on two years since our schools and business closed down, as the Coronavirus pandemic hit Iowa, and we all confronted an unknown deadly virus.
We remember that transformative week and talk about how our pandemic response has evolved, as well as = where we go from here. Our guest then and today is Siouxland District Health Director Kevin Grieme.

And, in keeping with the celebration of St. Patrick's Day, we talk with author Neal Thompson, the author of a new book about the early days of the Kennedy family in America. It's called The First Kennedys: The Humble Roots of An American Dynasty.

The First Kennedys by Neal Thompson

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