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Breaking: Jeremy Taylor announces he will not resign Woodbury County Supervisor position, after wife found guilty of voter fraud

Jeremy Taylor, Woodbury County Supervisor
Jeremy Taylor, Woodbury County Supervisor

SIOUX CITY — Woodbury County Board of Supervisors member Jeremy Taylor announced late Tuesday afternoon that he would not resign his post, rebuffing calls by fellow county supervisors to resign after his wife was found guilty of 52 counts of voter fraud as she sought to boost him in 2020 elections.

Taylor made the announcement near the end of the weekly Tuesday board meeting, saying he plans to complete all four years of his term, which runs 13 more months through the end of 2024.

Woodbury County Board Chairman Matthew Ung told Siouxland Public Media News in advance of the meeting that it will take extra work to go through the process of filling a vacancy if Supervisor Jeremy Taylor resigns, but Ung is adamant that Taylor needs to step down to maintain the legitimacy of county government.

One week ago, Kim Phuong Taylor, the wife of Jeremy Taylor, in a federal trial was convicted on all 52 counts of voter fraud, as she sought to help her husband win in the 2020 election.

Prosecutors said Kim Taylor illegally filled out election documents and ballots for members of the Vietnamese community, who had limited ability to read and understand English. Jeremy Taylor has been named an unindicted co-conspirator in the case.

Ung said it is still possible for Taylor to be federally indicted related to the fraud.

The supervisors don’t have the authority to force Taylor to resign, per Iowa code.

Two other county supervisors, Mark Nelson and Dan Bittinger, in recent days have also urge Taylor to step down.

Kim Taylor will be sentenced at a later date. She faces five years in prison on each count of voter fraud.