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New Sioux City School Superintendent Outlines His Vision for the District

SCCSD Incoming Superintendent Rod Earleywine talks to reporters during his first newscast
SCCSD Incoming Superintendent Rod Earleywine talks to reporters during his first newscast

The newly chosen Sioux City Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Rod Earleywine, says he has one major concern as the leader of one of the state’s largest public districts.

“At the end of the day, we're here for students, and that has to be our focus.”

Earleywine met with the media on Monday morning for his first news conference since the board of directors chose him for the permanent position. Earleywine, who previously served as superintendent for Sergeant Bluff-Luton, originally only wanted the role for a year.

“When I first became interim superintendent, this is not something that was really on the radar. Actually, in my contract, it said, I did not intend to apply for the for the permanent position. And at that time, when I first became a lot of reason, there was a lot of things going on in the school district, a lot of turmoil, a lot of controversy. But as I became more involved in the school district and learned more about the school district, I became more and more interested in becoming the permanent superintendent.”

Earleywine says school funding is always a concern, especially during time of economic hardship.

“Obviously, we're concerned with supplemental state aid and what that might be over the last several years. It's averaged around 2%. And when the high inflation that we're all seeing, we are hopeful that the legislators will see that we need a minimum of 5% of supplemental state aid.”

Earleywine tells Siouxland Public Media during the past seven months the district put reading back in middle schools and implemented a teaming approach to learning. There’s new discipline changes, including a cell phone ban. Plus, added focus on special education and ESL and ELL students.

“And I think this district embraces that diversity. Some of the things they do very well.”

Specifics of Earleywine’s employment contract are still being worked out. The salary range for the position is $250,000 to $260,000 a year.

“So, I am hoping that we can work out a three-year contract.”

Once the contract is approved by the school board, Earleywine’s new title will be official.

TAG: Listen for more with Dr. Rod Earleywine during Wednesday’s edition of The Exchange where he shares his thoughts on Iowa’s new Students First Act that provides public money for private schools and some of the turmoil seen between members of the Sioux City School Board.

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