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Growing Community Connections: Family Literacy

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Sheila Brummer

Growing Community Connections empowers people and organizations to support children and families, including local schools.

An adult literacy program launched at Lewis and Clark Elementary School in South Sioux City has expanded to another location thanks to a $150,000 full-service community schools grant.

During this Growing Community Connections Podcast segment, hear from people thriving from the experience to those in charge of the program that provides essential life and educational opportunity for families.

Thank you to the following people for sharing their experiences with the program:

Laura Sulzbach, Dakota City Elementary School Principal

Odessa Cooley, Full Service Community School Coordinator

Erendira (Endi) Lozano, Participant and Employee of Dakota City Elementary School

Elizabeth Lozano, Participant

Growing Community Connections: Adult Literacy Program
Siouxland Public Media/Sheila Brummer
Growing Community Connections: Adult Literacy Program

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