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Community Connections

The Community Connections podcast series highlights the collaborative spirit of our community and the immeasurable impact that working collectively has on our children, families, and the entire community. Community Connections itself is a collaboration of Growing Community Connections, Siouxland Public Media, One Siouxland, Girls, Inc., and numerous community partners who provide the inspiration to the stories we will share.

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Latest Episodes
  • An adult literacy program teaches parents and guardians in northeast Nebraska valuable life and education skills.
  • COVID-19 wreaked havoc on families, communities, companies, the healthcare industry, entire economies…and Siouxland was no exception. Dave Faldmo, Medical Director at Siouxland Community Health Center, provides a first-hand glimpse at how their medical team and the entire community responded to support and lift up those in need during the pandemic.
  • Mental health needs among all age groups, especially youth, are skyrocketing. All too often, the stigma, cost, and accessibility of seeking care keep kids from getting the support they need. However since 2018, Growing Community Connections, the South Sioux City Schools, and Heartland Counseling Services have partnered to overcome these barriers by putting therapists in every elementary, middle, and high school in the district, training every school staff member in mental health first aid, and connecting students and families with community resources that ease stress-inducing burdens.
  • Data revealed that preschools in Siouxland were doing a good job, yet only 44% of children had the basic skills needed to succeed in Kindergarten. What was the problem? Erica DeLeon shares how a team of 70 Siouxland partners collaborated to find the root cause and implement solutions that would become a nationally-recognized initiative supporting early childhood education.