Sheila Brummer

Reporter & Special Projects Producer

Sheila Brummer returns to her radio roots as a Reporter/Special Projects Producer for Siouxland Public Media KWIT-KOJI.


She grew up on a farm on the borders of Crawford, Shelby and Harrison counties in west-central Iowa.  Receiving a typewriter at the age of five launched a life-time love of journalism.


While attending Morningside College, Sheila worked in television production and as a disc jockey.  The highlight of her collegiate career came as a foreign exchange student at Edge Hill College outside of Liverpool, England. 


After college graduation, Sheila landed a job as a radio news reporter for KSCJ in Sioux City, Iowa.  When budget cuts slashed hours, she turned to television.  She first worked “behind the scenes” as a photographer and editor, then reporter, for KTIV-TV in Sioux City, Iowa.  Her on-air career took her to Wausau, Wisconsin, Des Moines, Iowa and Omaha, Nebraska.  While working as a producer in Las Vegas, Nevada, KTIV-TV offered an opportunity to return “home."  Her career came full circle when she took over as main anchor five years ago.


The Upper Midwest Emmy Awards, Iowa Broadcast News Association and Associated Press honored Sheila for her reporting. 


Sheila thrives on giving back to her community.  She currently serves on the Board of Directors for Girls Inc. of Sioux City and is a member of Junior League, Perry Creek PTA, FBI Citizens Academy and Sioux City Press Club.  She has volunteered for even more charities; including the American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, Camp High Hopes, Little Giants Foundation, MS Society, Iowa Caregivers Association and Easter Seals of Iowa.


Sheila lives in Sioux City with her husband, Ed, and their five-year-old daughter, Anna.  


Sheila loves talking and telling stories, so public radio is the perfect place for her enthusiasm and talent.  You can hear her afternoons from 3 to 6 p.m. and with news coverage throughout the day on Siouxland Public Media KWIT-KOJI.

Trisha Etringer

In these final days before the election there is a push to get people to the polls.  There is also work being done locally to reach the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) vote.

Trisha Etringer is Director of Operations for the Great Plains Action Society and Iowa Field Coordinator for Vote Mob.  She talked to Siouxland Public Media’s Sheila Brummer about her work and goals for the future.

A “Power to the People” virtual event is taking place on November 1, 2020.  For more information click here

Siouxland District Health Department

Twenty-two Iowans have died of complications of COVID-19 in the past 24-hours with almost 1,200 new cases reported.

The positivity rate for testing in the state during that timeframe was 12.5%.  The 14-day rate is 10.6%, so the rate is on the way up. 

Sixteen counties have a 14-day positivity rate for new testing above the 15% threshold.  That level is one criteria for school districts to apply for on-line learning only. Woodbury County is 12th in the state with a rate of 15.5%. 

The coronavirus is getting worse in states that President Donald Trump needs the most.

The number of hospitalizations due to COVID-19 infection continues to break records for all three Siouxland States. 

The number of people hospitalized statewide in Iowa with the virus increased to 561 on Monday, including 62 in Sioux City’s two facilities. 

Iowa had 677 new confirmed cases Monday with 60 in Woodbury County.  Siouxland District Health also says one more person in Woodbury County died for a total of 97; a man between the ages of 18 and 40.  Since the start of the pandemic 1,645 Iowans have died of complications of COVID-19.

Siouxland District Health Department

The state of Iowa reporting another 15 people have died of complications of COVID-19, including one more in Woodbury County, for 94 in all.

There were more than 1,400 confirmed new cases of the virus statewide.

Health officials reported 530 people were being treated in Iowa hospitals for the virus, down slightly from the 535 people hospitalized on Wednesday.

Siouxland District Health says Sioux City’s two hospitals are treating 70 patients with COVID-19.

Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center

Siouxland Public Media helped celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center with a live broadcast on Wednesday, October 21st.  The show highlighted the past, present and future of the facility surrounded by the beauty of Stone State Park in northwest Sioux City.  

List of live guests:

Dawn Snyder – Education Programs Director for the Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center

Tom Crawford – former Board Member for the Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center

Harrison County Home & Public Health

This past weekend a post on social media caught the attention of Siouxland Public Media’s Sheila Brummer.  Someone from her hometown area wrote about the impact of COVID-19 on nursing homes in west central Iowa’s Harrison County. 

This person wrote, “It’s a sad, sad time for our towns”.  She heard a majority of residents at a care facility in Dunlap tested positive for COVID-19, including her grandmother.  She also saw several posts about deaths.

Iowa Department of Public Health

Iowa has reported nearly 3,000 new confirmed positive coronavirus cases in the last three days.

The state Department of Public Health reported 1,595 confirmed cases Saturday, another 915 on Sunday and 508 new confirmed cases Monday.

During that time, the department reported 13 more deaths from the coronavirus. There were 480 people being treated in Iowa hospitals for the virus, just below a record high set last week.

Pam Venturi

Hospitalizations reached a record high once again in Iowa with health officials logging 1,400 more cases statewide and 90 more in Woodbury County on October 15, 2020. 

Pam Venturi is a single mother of five who believes she caught  the COVID-19 from the long-term care facility where she works as a nurse. 

She tested positive almost a week ago and provided this update.

Facebook/Gov. Pete Ricketts

Gov. Pete Ricketts announced new restrictions on Friday after a surge of new cases and hospitalizations in Nebraska.

“It’s pained me to put restrictions on people’s personal liberty and businesses. But, it was necessary to be able to preserve hospital capacity.”

Statewide there are more than 320 hospitalized with COVID-19.  That’s 40% more than May, during the peak of the pandemic.

“Remember all the steps we have taken is to preserve hospital capacity with 30% of hospital beds, 29% of ICU beds and 70% of ventilators.”

Siouxland District Health Department

Three more people living in Woodbury County have died of complications of COVID-19, for 85 in all.  There were more than 60 new cases for a total topping 6,600 since the start of the pandemic.

Siouxland District Health Department

In one day another 1,400 Iowans tested positive for the novel coronavirus, including almost 90 in Woodbury County.  There were 13 more deaths statewide.  Siouxland District Health reports one more death in Woodbury County, an elderly woman for a total of 82 deaths since the start of the pandemic. 

Hospitalizations also continued to increase as the state set a new high of 482 people being treated in hospitals, and 64 at Sioux City’s two hospitals.

Outbreaks were reported in 61 long-term care facilities, including 13 in northwest Iowa and four in Woodbury County.

UnityPoint Health-St. Luke's

Sioux City’s two hospitals are in the midst of a second surge of COVID-19.  Statewide hospitalizations hit another daily record.  Siouxland District Health reported a total of 69 patients at both facilities on Tuesday and 63 today.

The President and CEO of UnityPoint Health-St. Luke’s says his facility started seeing an increase a few weeks ago after a low of one to two patients in the middle of August after a high of 43 patients in the spring.  The current rate is in the middle to upper 30s.

Hospitalizations from COVID-19 continue to rise in Iowa, hitting another daily record. 

Statewide there are 473 hospitalized, including 63 at Sioux City’s two hospitals.  That is down by a half dozen  from the day before. 

The President and CEO of UnityPoint Health St. Luke’s Lynn Wold says his facility has been seeing a second surge of patient for weeks after treating a low of one or two patients in the middle of August.

State of South Dakota

State officials in South Dakota today offered a few of their investigative findings surrounding state Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg hit and killed a pedestrian.

The say Jason Ravnsborg had no alcohol in his bloodstream when he was tested the day after his car struck and killed a pedestrian.

Ravnsborg initially told a county sheriff that he thought he struck a deer the night of Sept. 12 on U.S. Highway 14 near Highmore in central South Dakota.

Siouxland District Health Department

Seventeen more Iowans have died of complications of COVID-1 in a 24-hour period.  There were almost 600 new positive cases of the novel coronavirus.

There have been 1,485 deaths since the start of the pandemic with 50% living in long-term care facilities.  There are currently outbreaks at 58 long-term care facilities in Iowa, including 13 in Siouxland.

There are 463 hospitalized patients with the virus in the state with 69 at Sioux City’s two hospitals.

Twitter/Theresa Greenfield


Three more people have died in Woodbury County due to complications of COVID-19.  Siouxland District health says the deaths include a man and woman between the ages of 61 and 80, and an elderly man.  The death toll since the start of the pandemic is now 81 for Woodbury County. 

More than 100,000 Iowans have tested positive for the coronavirus according to the Iowa Department of Public Health.  More than three-quarters have recovered.

There were more than 400 cases added today and a total of 1,472 deaths.

Siouxland District Health Department

Siouxland District Health reports two more deaths in Woodbury County for a total of 78.

There were 14 more deaths recorded in the state of Iowa and almost 1,200 new cases. The Iowa Department of Public Health says today’s update does include backdated test and death information.

The number of Iowans in the hospital with COVID-19 hit another high today.  There are 461 patients statewide, including 72 at Sioux City's two hospitals.  That’s the same level reported yesterday.

The Sioux City Community School District reports another decrease in new COVID-19 cases.  

Facebook/Vivian Miller

This weekend more than a dozen artists will join forces for an art show at the Ho-Chunk Center.  Vivian Miller is part of Siouxland Artists Incorporated that is hosting the event.  She provides a preview, updates us on recent gatherings and shares the impact of COVID-19 on the local art scene with SPM’s Sheila Brummer.

All three Siouxland States are seeing record levels of hospitalizations due to COVID-19.

In Iowa, there are 449 patients with Siouxland District Health reporting 72 getting treatment at Sioux City’s two hospitals.  There were 31 in the middle of September.  Siouxland District Health recorded two more deaths in Woodbury County for a total of 76.  There were more than 100 new cases.

Siouxland District Health Department

Gov. Kim Reynolds acknowledged Iowa is seeing surging numbers of coronavirus cases and record hospitalizations, but she says the health care system could handle the increase and no further action was needed to reduce infections.

There were 444 people being treated for the coronavirus in hospitals as of Wednesday morning, and in the past 24 hours the state had 919 new confirmed positive cases and 15 more deaths.  The biggest increase comes from increased hospitalizations in northwest Iowa, including 62 at Sioux City’s two hospitals, according to Siouxland District Health.

FACEBOOK/Tom Peterson Memorial Foundation

The Tom Peterson Memorial Foundation took a final bow.  A post today on social media says the board of directors agreed to end operations and make one final contribution to the Sioux City Community Theatre.

The foundation honored the memory of the popular KCAU weather anchor and General Manager of the Community Theatre who died in a car accident in 1994.

In 26-years the foundation granted more than $200,000 to support the community theature.

With the impact of COVID-19 the theatre the board thought the timing was right to give a final gift of $22,000.

Chris Janicek stops by the Siouxland Public Media Studios on October 7, 2020
Siouxland Public Media

Chris Janicek is running for U.S. Senate in the State of Nebraska.  Janicek, a baker from Omaha, made headlines when the Democratic Party of Nebraska withdrew support and resources in June and called for him to pull out of the race.

Janicek visited Siouxland and sat down for an interview about the text-message controversy that put him on the outs with his party, the uphill battle he faces against incumbent Republican U.S. Senator Ben Sasse, health care, agriculture and the environment.

Sioux City Community School Board Member Perla Alarcon-Flory provides Siouxland Public Media with an update on the battle her family faces with COVID-19 .  She shared her story with Siouxland Public Media’s Sheila Brummer.

Perla Alarcon-Flory says her family, including husband and two daughters started coming down with symptoms of COVID-19 about two-weeks ago.  Her husband’s condition progressively got worse with high fevers and vomiting.  

Nathan Flory ended up in the ER over the weekend, before an ambulance took him to a hospital in Omaha for testing and treatment.

October 5, 2020
Facebook/Nebraska Medicine

Health officials in Nebraska say the state has entered a dangerous period during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Deaths in Nebraska have topped 500 according to the latest update from Sunday night with more people hospitalized with the virus than ever before.

There were 400 new cases, for a total of more than 47,800 since the state of the pandemic.  Nebraska health officials say a third of the state’s intensive care beds remain available. 

Facebook/Siouxland Community Health Center

The Sioux City Community School District reports a decrease of new COVID-19 cases involving students and staff.

Last week were 32 cases; this week - 26, with more staff than students being impacted. (10 students – 16 staff).  New cases were identified in 14 buildings in the district.  

One third grade class at Leeds Elementary was put in emergency response virtual learning.  Last week, there were five classes.

The school district provides an update every Friday and says contract tracing was done in conjunction with Siouxland District Health. 

Twitter/Governor Kim Reynolds

Iowa posted more than 1,000 new confirmed coronavirus cases for the third straight day as the coronavirus continued to aggressively spread in many areas of the state, including northwest Iowa.

State public health data posted this morning showed 1,142 new confirmed cases in the past 24 hours with over 90,700 cases now identified since March.

The state posted nine additional deaths for a total of 1,367.  There was one more death recorded in Woodbury County on the state coronavirus website for 69 in all. 

The Vakulskas Family

A well-known Siouxland priest passed away on Sunday, September 27th due to complications of COVID-19 and cancer at the age of 76.

Father John Vakulskas served many Catholic parishes in Siouxland during his half-century career.  He was also known as the “Carnival Priest” and was appointed International Coordinator of Carnival Ministries by Pope John Paull II in 1993.   

His nephew Brian Vakulskas of Sioux City talks to Siouxland Public Media’s Sheila Brummer about Father John's life and the impact of COVID-19 on his uncle's beloved amusement park industry and health. 

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Siouxland


Seventeen more Iowans have died of complications of COVID-19 and more than 1,000 tested positive in 24-hours, including more than 90 new cases in Woodbury County. 

The 14-day positivity rate for Woodbury County is just under 15%.  Half of the dozen counties in the state above the 15% threshold are located in northwest Iowa.  Lyon has the top positivity rate in the state at 31%. Fifteen percent is the level set by the state to allow a school district to apply for on-line learning only, among other criteria.

Perla Alarcon-Flory

One Sioux City Community School Board member and her family are in quarantine after testing positive for COVID-19. 

Perla Alarcon-Flory joined Monday night’s board meeting by phone and expressed her support to move to hybrid learning for students and staff in the district due to increasing cases of the virus in schools across the district.

Alarcon-Flory shares her experience with COVID-19 and the impact of the disease on her life and her thoughts on providing students with the best educational opportunity during the pandemic.

Sioux City Musketeers

The Sioux City Musketeers announced a new CEO.  Long-time sportscaster and marketing specialist Travis Morgan moves from the Sioux City Symphony to the hockey rink.

Morgan went to his first Musketeer game at the age of four and has been a long-time fan ever since.

“My dream was to be a Sioux City Musketeer and now my dream to make this a hockey town again.”