Eric Athas

Eric Athas is a Digital News Specialist at NPR Digital Services where he assists in the development of NPR's member station training and product initiatives, with a focus on social media. 

Prior to joining NPR, Eric worked at The Washington Post, where he managed the front page of the site, helped develop mobile strategies, assisted in social media and blogging efforts and occasionally wrote for the paper.

When most people think of Australia, they probably think of kangaroos, koala bears and shrimp on the barbie. What many don't think of is great rock and roll. 

Great Aussie rock actually started back in the 60's with the emergence of The Easybeats, which broke into U.S. radio with Friday on my Mind. But it was in the 70's and 80's when the whole scene blossomed.

On this B-Sides, we take an in-depth look at the various styles of rock, which marked the diversity of great music from coast to coast.

Boston area residents essentially found themselves stuck inside a crime scene Thursday night and Friday morning. Pictures taken from behind window screens and on top of roofs gave the world a look at what people there were seeing.

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