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Nebraska Internet Sales Tax

Neb Internet Sales Tax 041217

The Nebraska Legislature approved a measure yesterday that would require remote sellers or online retailers without a physical presence to collect and remit sales tax.  Retailers would have to comply if their gross revenue in Nebraska exceeds $100 thousand dollars.  Senator Rick Kowalski of Douglas County said people in Nebraska already owe this tax.



“So all we need to do is collect this tax and make it easier for people to pay this tax. Because most Nebraskans are good hearted, hard working folk, and they’d like to pay this tax.  Colleagues, 25 million dollars, which is the money we would receive from this tax, is not small change.”

But Senator Mike Hilgers (HILL-guhrs) from Lincoln said the bill would create problems for Nebraska retailers, and it’s unconstitutional.

Nebraska State Senator Mark Hilgers argues against the internet sales tax.



“and frankly, I think Congress has abdicated its responsibility as the appropriate body to regulate interstate commerce, and to address this issue in a fair and equitable manner.  That being said, I do think LB 44, the mechanism constituted therein, is unconstitutional.”

LB 44 would require remote sellers who refuse to collect Nebraska sales tax to notif purchasers that the tax is due, and they need to file a sales or use tax return.

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