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City Council Approves Comprehensive Plan

City Council  032117

The Sioux City Council considered Monday night whether the city needs a new or updated comprehensive plan.  Jeff Hanson is a community development operations manager for the city.  He told the council the plan should be updated every ten years to plan for future growth in the area. 



“For this comp plan, unlike the old one, we’re adding additional chapters within the plan that includes historic preservation, a housing study, and we’re looking at doing two sub areas where we’ll actually get into greater depth.”

But Mayor Bob Scott questioned whether the 300-thousand-dollar study was really necessary.

Mayor Bob Scott talks about cons for the comprehensive plan.



“Because we ignore some of the things they tell us to do anyway, like one-way streets.  So we’re going to spend 300-thousand-dollars for plan that we can ignore.  It makes no sense.”Alex Watters intervened and said that perhaps the city needs a comprehensive overview of what’s possible for Sioux City in the future.

Council member Alex Watters talks about the comprehensive plan.



“We need to have a vision, for what we want to do going forward.  I’m not saying just for downtown, and I think this is what this is aiming to do. And I want us to have that vision.  We need to come together as a community, as a council to say, this is what we want to do, this is what will promote growth, this is what will better our city.”

The council voted to approve the comprehensive plan, with Mayor Scott casting the only no vote.

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