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U.S. Treasury Officials to Meet with Residents About County's Use of COVID Relief Funds

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The US Department of the Treasury will meet with Woodbury County residents online on Monday, Sept. 13, to discuss how federal funding guidelines could impact the proposed use of federal coronavirus funds. Some Woodbury County residents say they want to highlight possible issues with how the Board of Supervisors allocates funding to leadership in the Office of Recovery Programs.
That’s after receiving over 250 letters from local residents about funding related to the American Recovery Program.  Several of them registered their concerns with how the money is being used to build the new law enforcement center. Many have also spoken out at both Sioux City Council and Woodbury County Supervisor meetings. Reaffirmed spending guidelines are expected to come out of the US Treasury as early as next week. 
Residents say they are concerned that these funds should be spent on projects and programs more closely connected to the Covid pandemic. There are also concerns that county residents will have to pay back the federal funds if the funds are misused. 
COVID-19 infections rose again in Woodbury County last week, and county health officials believe the increase in infections may be seasonal in nature. According to the Siouxland District Health weekly report, the county reported 287 cases for the week beginning Aug. 30, an increase of 37 cases from the 250 reported the week prior.
Tyler Brock with Siouxland District Health tells the Sioux City Journal the virus is widespread across the country right now, and there seems to be a seasonal nature to the increase.

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