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Two New C19 Deaths in Woodbury County; IA and NE Unemployment Rates Down

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Two more people have died from COVID-19 in the Siouxland metro area. The two people were women older than 80 years old in Woodbury County.

Today, the county's death toll from COVID-19 now stands at 61, according to the Siouxland District Health Department.

The county also reported 61 new positive test cases of the novel coronavirus today. Overall, there have been 4,802 cases in Woodbury County.

Yesterday marked the largest single-day Woodbury County increase in some time with 87 new positive cases reported.

Iowa has reported more than 11 hundred new confirmed coronavirus cases, and 15 new deaths in the past 24 hours.  The increase is happening at the same time a federal report says Iowa has one of the nation’s highest infection rates. The state Coronavirus website says there there are more than 78 thousand confirmed cases of coronavirus, and that is an increase of 1,259 since 10 a.m. yesterday. 

Iowa can attribute almost 13 hundred deaths  to COVID-19 since March. 

Iowa’s unemployment rate for August dropped to 6%. That is continuing a decline from April amid an economic slowdown caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

Today, Iowa Workforce Development says that the August rate was down from 6.8% in July and 11% in April. There were more than  96 thousand people listed as unemployed in August, and this is a decline.  

Nebraska's unemployment rate for August dropped to 4%, the lowest rate in the country, the state announced Friday.

The state Department of Labor reported the rate was down from a revised July rate of 4.9%.

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