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SPM Program on the Moon Landing and Flight 232 Wins National Public Broadcasting Award

Public Media Journalism Awards

Siouxland Public Media received first place for News/Public Affairs Program by the PMJA.  The award was announced on June 25, 2020.  "50-Years Later: The Moon Landing and Flight 232" aired on July 20, 2019.  The program was part of award-winning News Director Mary Hartnett's weekly program called "The Exchange".  Each episode explores significant issues impacting the region and celebrates local arts and culture.  Reporter/Special Projects Producer Sheila Brummer also contributed interviews and segments to the broadcast. 

(Information from the PMJA)


Credit PMJA

At its first ever Virtual Awards Gala, PMJA announced the stations that will be receiving PMJA awards for work done in calendar year 2019.  This year, 179 awards are being presented to 84 organizations.  The awards recognize the best work in public media journalism from across the country.  Stations compete against others with similar sized newsrooms.  Overall, judges reviewed nearly 1300 entries.

A sortable excel file with a list of all winners is available HERE.  The full list of winners in pdf format is available HERE.

Besides recognizing this year's awardees, the Virtual Awards Gala featured 2020 Leo C. Lee winner Maria Hinojosa and 2020 Editor of the Year Kate Concannon.  Both spoke to the assembled crowd and both women focused their comments around objectivity and the issues facing public media today. 

Hinojosa spoke of being the first Latina woman in the NPR newsroom and the challenges she has faced throughout her career.  She also encouraged the gathered crowd to shine a light on itself.  She told the audience that we are living history and that 2020 will be what is talked about as a turning point in history. 

Concannon spoke of objectivity in journalism and what she called "both-sidism."  She said we have never been more relavant as journalists, but she still questioned whether objectivity is really possible or if it's even valid.  Concannon talked of her own personal history and how it has shaped her.  She encouraged listeners to work together to overcome bias and to listen to others.

Sheila Brummer returns to her radio roots as a Reporter/Special Projects Producer for Siouxland Public Media KWIT-KOJI.
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