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Woodbury County Jail Referendum Next Tuesday, Leg Forum Report


022420 Noon

Woodbury County leaders hope voters will approve building a new $50.3 million jail on the outskirts of Sioux City. The new larger jail would replace a building built in 1987 that is dealing with a number of mechanical problems. Consultants have identified $22 million in upgrades that are needed in the current jail's heating and cooling system. County Supervisor Keith Radig says it makes sense to invest in a new facility instead of repairing the current jail. Voters will decide March 3 whether to build a new 110,000-square-foot jail that could house 440 inmates. The current jail holds roughly 230 inmates. 

Join Siouxland Public Media this Wednesday at noon on The Exchange for a live conversation about the jail referendum.  We will be at the Sioux City Public Library.

A Legislative Forum took place in Sioux City over the weekend. Iowa State Representative Chris Hall of Sioux City took part. He said the K-12 education system is one of the biggest issues for people living in his district. 

“There’s a lot of disruption in our classrooms and there’s a lot of concerns about students who may be making the learning experience more difficult for other students.

Hall says symptoms of low state funding during the past decade are now showing up and Republicans don’t seem to want to resolve the issue.

“Every year we give a tax break to the top one or two percent those are dollars that are no longer available to educate our children.”

Hall has served in the Iowa House since 2011.  He talked to Siouxland Public Meeting after a Legislative Forum held by the League of Women Voters at the Public Museum on Saturday.  Another one is scheduled for March 28th.

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