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Fall out from The Iowa Caucuses Means Disappointment for Some Volunteers and Organizers

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There is still no official winner of the Iowa Democratic caucuses as of today, even as voters go to the polls in that other first-in-the-nation state: New Hampshire.

Presidential campaigns and national politicos are turning their attention away from Iowa. And for some party activists, one of the disappointments of the caucus night fiasco is what they see as a lack of recognition for volunteers and organizers.

Lindsey Ellickson is a member of the Iowa Democrats State Central Committee.

“I also just feel really bad for a lot of the staffers and a lot of the people that invested so much time this year in the campaigns that right now…this is kind of the focus of where we’re at. Because I don’t feel like it reflects a lot of their hard work.”

Multiple failures in the party’s caucus night reporting system delayed the release of results for days. 

A bill advancing in the Iowa House of Representatives would expand some parts of Iowa’s medical cannabis program. But the amount of THC patients would be allowed to have remains a sticking point.

Governor Kim Reynolds vetoed a similar bill last year because some medical cannabis advisory board members thought the allowed amount of THC could cause harm to some patients.

The board recommends allowing 4-point-5 grams of THC over 90 days, with some exceptions, and that’s what’s in the bill. Democrat John Forbes says he can’t support the bill because some patients are already taking more THC than what it would allow.

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