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Buttigieg and Sanders Request Partial Recanvassing to Deal with Possible Errors

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Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg's presidential campaigns have filed requests for a partial recanvass of the results of Iowa's Democratic caucuses. 

In today’s filing, the Sanders campaign cited "mathematical errors and inconsistencies" in more than two dozen caucus locations that it says would change the results if amended. 

The Iowa Democratic Party says the Buttigieg campaign requested a check on results in 66 precincts. Current results show Buttigieg with a razor-thin lead over Sanders in state delegate equivalents, and the party has awarded Buttigieg 14 delegates to Sanders' 12. But the Sanders campaign believes correcting faulty math could swing the delegate allocation in Sanders' favor.

Cities and counties would not be able to make local rules on gun accessories tougher than state law, under a bill advancing in the Iowa House. Those accessories include high capacity magazines and rapid-fire bump stocks t

The bill states that if local governments ban weapons at public buildings, they must also provide screening and armed security. 

Legislation that aimed to prevent South Dakota physicians from giving gender confirmation procedures to children under 16 has been stopped by a Senate committee. 

Republican Senators who opposed the bill said they were not convinced that the Legislature should delve into the issue. Conservative lawmakers in nearly a dozen other states are pushing similar proposals. 

Proponents of the bill amended their proposal to get rid of the criminal charges against physicians. It would have allowed children who received procedures to sue physicians if they regretted the procedures.

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